Discover How to use Your Smartphone to Turn Your Trip to the Store into a Profitable Business

For 24 hours … Gain Access for ONLY $37

For 24 hours … Gain Access for ONLY $37


Hi there! Ann Sieg here…

This is the first time ever I’m making my highly popular and successful “5-Step Retail Flipping Method” available to the public.

Up to this time, my loyal subscribers are the only people who had the opportunity to use my training course.

What I’ve discovered is this…

The 5-Step Retail Flipping Method Is The ONLY Surefire Path To A Successful Part-Time Online Business – Reliably, Quickly and With Little Cost. Period.

The purpose of this video is to share with you just how simple it is to turn every day shopping into a profitable business…using your smartphone!

It’s a lot of fun and mildly addicting from the quick money you’ll be making when you use your local stores to generate an extra $300-500 a week.

Some of our members build a full-time income and quit their jobs...

You too can build a business that brings in cash every week… We have students retiring from careers, funding children’s college education, taking dream vacations, moving to Italy … all with the simple tools and procedures we teach in “The 5-Step Retail Flipping Method.”

Inside the course, you’ll receive the following 5 Training Modules..

  •  The 7-Minute Launch: How To Launch Your New “Retail Flipping Business” In 7-Minutes Or Less
  •  The Guaranteed Profitable Product Selection Matrix: The Ultimate “Cheat Sheet” For Finding The Most Profitable “Guaranteed-To-Sell” Products 
  •  The Instant Smartphone Selling Machine: Get Your Products Instantly Listed With The Click Of A Button
  •  Getting Paid: How You Get Paid When Your Products Sell On The World’s Largest Online Marketplace Of Over 280,000,000 Buyers 
  •  The 3X Income Multiplier: 3 Little-Known Ways To Multiply Your Income By Up To 300% 

We’ll even teach you to list your product for sale before you leave the store … it’s simple!

While the course has created 6 figure income earners we’re adding in a hefty stack of bonuses that will make your shopping efforts that much more lucrative.

  •  Bonus #1) Smartphone Automatic Bargain Recon
  •  Bonus #2) 7 Under The Radar Sources For Bargain Buys  
  •  Bonus #3) Instant Start-Up Funding Strategies      
  •  Bonus #4) The 6-Figure Ecommerce Scale Formula     
  •  Bonus #5) Private Members Mastermind  
  •  Bonus #6) Members Only LIVE Training
  •  Bonus #7) One-On-One Coaching (1st 30 people)

It’s time to get moving on the Path to Profits and start putting money in the bank. In this way you can…

  •  Make Enough Money To Quit Your Job
  •  Start Building A Retirement Fund
  •  Spend More Time With Your Family 
  •  Have Time Freedom 
  •  So You Can Live The Laptop Lifestyle 
  •  In The Next 30 Days 

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Your “Cash Flow” Mentor,

Ann Sieg

P.S. I get people asking if this can really be true and can it work for you.  It certainly can.  Here are more success stories from my community of loyal subscribers.

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I could post hundreds more just like these but I think you get the idea that…

The 5-Step Retail Flipping Method Is The ONLY Surefire Path To A Successful Part-Time Online Business – Reliably, Quickly and With Little Cost

Go ahead and secure your discounted seat inside our newly released “5-Step Retail Flipping Method.”